Cantilever Deck Over a Pond, Why You Should Build It in Your Backyard?

First, what is a cantilever deck? A cantilever deck is a type of deck that has the posts for the deck resting on one end only. It’s usually made from wood or steel, and it can be used to build various types of decks in different shapes. Cantilever decks are not just comfortable to walk on, they’re also highly versatile and can be built over ponds without any need for support structures underneath them.

How to build a cantilever deck?

Cantilever decks are easy to construct. However, building a cantilever deck over a pond does present some challenges that you need to keep in mind. Doing so requires an understanding of the principles behind the design as well as taking into account various factors related to safety and soil load for your project. Here’s everything you need to know about building a cantilever deck over a pond.

Make sure both ends of the deck meet the exact specifications

It’s easy to build a cantilever deck on the land, and so it shouldn’t be difficult to do it for your pond as well, provided you follow the guidelines involved in its construction. First of all, you’ll need to make sure that both ends of the deck meet the exact specifications you need. You might have to visit a construction site, or at least gather as much information as possible from your friends who’ve completed this project before.


The next step in constructing a cantilever deck over a pond involves identifying the best location for it (where there are no powers lines or electrical wires). The location should also be safe enough so that neither the deck nor the pond could cause any potential damage to each other.

You should make sure that you’re not just building a cantilever deck but adding some value to your home as well, and this can be done by adding attractive plantings at the ends of it where they’re able to receive plenty of sunlight and help keep a beautiful, natural look.

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Deck’s shape

The next thing you need to do is decide on the deck’s shape. You could make it as straight or curved as you want, but remember that there are certain legal specifications in your town that may restrict how wide it can be. Make sure you contact your local building authority to know if there are any limitations before proceeding with construction.

Secure posts and beams

After having decided on the right dimensions for the cantilever deck over the pond, you’ll have to secure its design so the posts don’t topple over. The beams should also meet safety codes when doing this project, which basically means checking for wind speed where your property is located and following all building codes related to this matter during construction.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, there’s a possibility that your deck could be damaged by strong winds or collapse in case of heavy snow.

Design the cantilever deck correctly if it’s going to be curved

If you’re planning to make the ends of your cantilever deck over a pond curved then you’ll have to figure out a way for them to meet perfectly at their corners. This could be done with either steel angles or other metal elements, depending on what’s allowed in your town and how much money you want to spend on it.

You might also consider using cedar railings as part of your deck design since they are not only beautiful but durable if treated correctly.

It may take some time and effort, but building a cantilever deck over a pond is certainly possible if you follow the guidelines we’ve been discussing. As long as you stay within the required specifications, such as line lengths and height restrictions, you can expect to have a great time building it and be proud of your new creation.

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Why build a cantilever deck over a pond?

If you’re considering building a cantilever deck over your pond, then chances are that it will look great and improve the property’s value. However, there are other reasons why some homeowners opt for this option when it comes to adding more space to their homes:

  • It can help add extra seating options to your home. Building a cantilever deck over a pond may allow you to build on it either square or rectangular planters where you can grow flowers and plants as well as have extra seating at the end of your deck. This way, not only would you enjoy a beautiful view from the comfort of your home but also one while sitting out in nature as well.
  • It provides a safer option when it comes to swimming in your own pond. Not only do you not have to worry about how people will enter or exit the water from a regular deck, but the stairs could be dangerous for children who can easily fall off if they’re slippery or not positioned properly. A cantilever deck over a pond is much safer and more convenient for everyone, especially if you’ve got a great view of the outdoors and other amenities like power outlets nearby.
  • It allows you to enjoy different parts of your home at once. If you happen to have multiple decks on different levels of your property that are often used as gathering venues, then building a cantilever deck over one of them is going to help save space. You’ll be able to enter and exit your home from the second deck while enjoying a beautiful view of the outdoors, which will make it more pleasant for everyone.
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How far can a deck be cantilevered?

The distance that a deck can be cantilevered is something you’ll want to take into account before deciding on whether or not to pursue this project. It may not make sense for you to build one over your pond if it will extend beyond what’s allowed by your town, so make sure you check local building codes first.

If your property is located in an area with windy weather conditions, then the lateral bracing and corner posts will have to meet certain requirements as well if you’re going to successfully complete the project. Depending on how fast the winds blow in your area, you may want to consult a professional who knows these matters before deciding on a design option for your cantilever deck.

Not having enough space for a large patio or a deck can also be a reason why people decide to build one over their pond. If you only have access to part of your backyard and are not allowed to dig into the ground, then it may make sense for you to consider this alternative design option.

Just bear in mind that these projects may take some time and effort, especially if you’re considering building something curved at the end of your cantilever deck over a pond. However, once you’ve come up with an appropriate plan that meets all safety regulations and looks great as well, expect your property value to go up almost instantly.

You’ll enjoy spending time outside even more than before while having other options for entertaining guests when they visit your home too.


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